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Ocala Golf Course Tournament Planning Guide

In America, more women have been starting golf than any other sport. It is now estimated that 23% of golfers are women. We're also seeing a massive influx of younger members.

So, a welcoming, fun, and challenging Ocala golf course tournament is ideal for bringing new golfers into social groups. But the question you're probably wondering is where to begin?

Golf tournament planning can seem like a daunting task, but this article will give you a good kick start with plenty of lead-in time. So let's delve straight in and plan your Ocala golf course tournament.

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How to Throw a Great Golf Tournament

Golf tournament planning is a huge undertaking, but the rewards can be plentiful. And this year, more people want the chance to get back on the course. A recent survey showed 17 million people who did not play last year are very interested in playing this year.

There is no better format for bringing people together at all playing levels for a day of fun. It all begins with the perfect golf tournament venue and sound event planning.

So if you are in the planning stage and looking for great golf course tournament ideas, keep reading. This guide will give some planning tips to make your golfing event a winner.

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Great Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

Did you know that golf generates almost $4 billion dollars a year for charitable causes? A golf tournament is a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity. 

Are you thinking about holding a golf tournament for your next charity event? Keep reading for five great golf tournament fundraiser ideas!

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