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Putting in Golf: Everything You Need to Know to Reduce Your Score

Hitting the links is supposed to be relaxing - a time when you can connect with nature and a game you love. But if you are scoring high and not golfing like you feel like you should be, then you may not feel very relaxed.

So how can you lower your score so that you feel better about being on the course? It all starts with putting in golf.

Keep reading for golf putting tips to reduce your score, and enjoy being on the course more often!

Stand Over the Ball

When you putt, your stance is going to look a bit different than when you are swinging a larger club or even chipping. You need to stand over the ball to make sure you have the right view and the right angle with your swing.

If you are not standing over the ball where you should be, your swing may curve, and when it hits the ball, the ball may curve as well. Obviously, this means that the golf ball is not going where you want it to go.

Fix Your Grip

There is not just one way to grip a golf club. There are several ways you can fix your grip to help with your putting score.

For instance, whether you are right or left-handed, you do not have to putt in that way. No one said that was the best way!

Instead, putting cross-handed is becoming the wave of the future when it comes to golf. What is cross-handed? It means when you are right-handed, you actually putt with your left hand on the bottom, and vice versa.

Depending on the person, this can make you have more control of the club and even better control of where the ball goes when putting.

However, this is not for everyone! You need to try out different options to figure out what is best for you.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Have you ever looked away from the ball to see where it went, only to see that it doesn't go where you want it to? That's because when you look up, your body shifts. You are no longer in the correct position.

To make sure the ball goes where you want it to, you need to keep your eye on the ball until you hit it. A best practice is to wait for one to two seconds after you finish your swing to look up. This way you ensure that you are keeping your eyes where they need to be!

Practice Your Swing Length

When it comes to putting, you are never going to take a full swing. Most likely, you won't even take a quarter-length swing.

The distance that you swing the club determines the length that the ball is going to go. Perfecting your swing length for different distances to the hole will help you get more balls in the hole.

Consider the Green Itself

One thing about golf - it is never the same depending on where you are playing.

The greens may have various curves and the speed of the green may be different from one to another. Since that is the case, practicing with different greens that have speeds that differ from one another is crucial to getting the hang of your putting swing for each green type.

While you may have to hit a ball relatively hard on one green, you may have to barely tap it on one that is faster. Only practice can help you with this one!

Understand the Break 

Since greens have different curves and angles to them, you have to know what that means for your swing.

For instance, if you are going downhill and the hill slopes somewhat to the right, you need to angle your swing to the left. This will make up for the curve in the green and vice versa.

How much you change up where you aim depends on the severity of the hill and the curve.

Take Ocala Golf Lessons

To really get the most out of your golf game, having someone else tell you what you need to improve is always better than trying to do it yourself. Not only is it a second opinion, but a professional most likely knows better than you. They can also see you from next to you or behind you to see exactly what you are doing when you putt in order to correct your form and offer more advice.

Taking golf lessons can improve your golf grip for putting as well as give you advice on how to swing more naturally or smoother. You may also get advice on where to put your head, where to look, and how to set up your stance.

All of these little tweaks will help you to be a better putter, and therefore, a better golfer.

Improve Your Putting in Golf

When you choose to improve your putting in golf, you'll be improving your entire golf game. When you hit the links, you won't have to worry about approaching the green because you know exactly how to conquer it with the above tips.

If you are ready to improve your game even further, it is time for lessons. With two PGA of America Professionals on our course, you'll be sure to improve with lessons from these pros.

What are you waiting for? Contact us at Stone Creek Golf Club to improve your game today!