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Budget Golf Gear

Investing Wisely in Budget Golf Gear: Top Tips for Golfers

According to the National Golf Foundation, 37.5 million Americans age six or older play golf, either on a course or off-course.

If you're interested in learning the sport or getting back into it, you'll need the right gear. However, stocking up on golfing essentials can get expensive.

One way to save is to invest in budget golf gear. That said, you must ensure you make wise decisions and buy quality gear.

Keep reading to discover key tips on how to choose the best budget golf clubs, shoes, balls, and more.

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How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home

Have you ever wondered whether your game would improve if you paid more attention to golf club care? Well, tests like this one by Today's Golfer say yes! Everything from ball speed to descent angle improved with cleaner grooves.

Most golfers throw their clubs in the garage or basement when they get home from a round. They don't give a second thought to the condition they're in. But learning how to clean golf clubs is essential to improving your game and getting the most out of your equipment.

This article shows you how to get your clubs shiny new again. So read on!

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What Is a Scratch Golfer?

Ocala Golf Lessons: What is a Scratch Golfer?

Want to improve your golf game? Golf can be a difficult game to understand, especially if you're new to the sport.

Even experienced golfers sometimes find themselves struggling with particular aspects of the game

Ocala golf lessons are here to help. Our experts can help you improve your swing, master your putting, and more. Plus, we'll teach you all about scratch golf - what it is, how to achieve it, and more.

Read on for more details:

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What Is the Difference Between a Draw and Fade?

What Is the Difference Between a Draw and Fade?

It is difficult to measure exactly how popular golf is in the United States. However, one strong indicator of the strength of golf's popularity is that the United States golf resort market generates more than $20 billion worth of revenue every year! It takes almost 16,000 people around the country to keep these resorts up and running so that people can enjoy their golf.

With numbers like that, it should be clear that people get a lot out of playing a game at an Ocala golf course. With the right Ocala golf lessons, people can learn to successfully shoot fades and draws as well as develop their other talents. Then, they can show off their new techniques and help others learn to do them, too!

One of the things people seem to appreciate most about golf is being able to watch their skills grow and refine over time.

So what are fades and draws, and how can you shoot them? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about fades and draws in the game of golf!

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How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Golf. It is one of the most popular sports in the United States and it is only rising in participation rates. 

At the end of 2020, there were about 25 million people across the country playing golf. 

Some of them probably looked like they never saw a golf course and others probably looked like they never left it. If you have two people you know with vastly different skill levels in golf, how do you even the playing field? 

Well, you could take Ocala golf lessons. Until you see improvement from that, you would need to use a golf handicap. 

What is a golf handicap? How do you figure out what your golf handicap is? 

This is your guide. 

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