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hitting a Golf Ball Straight

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

More than 25 million people played golf in the United States in 2021 alone. Golf is a great sport to play to relax or to spend some time with your friends and family. The problem is that learning how to play golf can be frustrating if you don't know where to start.

If you don't know how to hit a golf ball straight, you might not know how to improve your skills. Learning how to hit a golf ball straight every time doesn't have to be hard, but there are a few tips you should be aware of. Keep reading and learn how to perfect your golf swing below.

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Exercise for Golfers

Exercise for Golfers: Improve Your Swing and Alleviate Golfer's Elbow

Exercise for golfers is incredibly underrated, but it's crucial. Golf injuries aren't uncommon, and while they're sometimes out of the players' control, they're often the result of poor form, a lack of stretching, or a lack of strength. Do you exercise when you're not on the golf course?

We're here to talk about some of the best golf exercises to improve your swing and prevent (or ease) golfer's elbow. Read on to learn more.

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5 Things Every Great Golf Bag Should Have

5 Things Every Great Golf Bag Should Have

Golf is one of the most loved pastimes in the United States. Its origins can be traced back to The Netherlands in the middle ages. But Americans developed and increased its popularity in the late 19th century.

Today, golf is more in-demand than ever in the past. Studies show that over 25 million Americans participate in the pastime every year.

Whether a veteran or a rookie, your golf bag is essential for a quality game. And if you are searching for the best sports bag options, you have come to the right place.

Below are five things all great golf bags should have to take your game to a new level!

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Budget Golf Gear

Investing Wisely in Budget Golf Gear: Top Tips for Golfers

According to the National Golf Foundation, 37.5 million Americans age six or older play golf, either on a course or off-course.

If you're interested in learning the sport or getting back into it, you'll need the right gear. However, stocking up on golfing essentials can get expensive.

One way to save is to invest in budget golf gear. That said, you must ensure you make wise decisions and buy quality gear.

Keep reading to discover key tips on how to choose the best budget golf clubs, shoes, balls, and more.

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How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home

Have you ever wondered whether your game would improve if you paid more attention to golf club care? Well, tests like this one by Today's Golfer say yes! Everything from ball speed to descent angle improved with cleaner grooves.

Most golfers throw their clubs in the garage or basement when they get home from a round. They don't give a second thought to the condition they're in. But learning how to clean golf clubs is essential to improving your game and getting the most out of your equipment.

This article shows you how to get your clubs shiny new again. So read on!

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