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How to Throw a Great Golf Tournament

Golf tournament planning is a huge undertaking, but the rewards can be plentiful. And this year, more people want the chance to get back on the course. A recent survey showed 17 million people who did not play last year are very interested in playing this year.

There is no better format for bringing people together at all playing levels for a day of fun. It all begins with the perfect golf tournament venue and sound event planning.

So if you are in the planning stage and looking for great golf course tournament ideas, keep reading. This guide will give some planning tips to make your golfing event a winner.

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Great Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

Did you know that golf generates almost $4 billion dollars a year for charitable causes? A golf tournament is a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity. 

Are you thinking about holding a golf tournament for your next charity event? Keep reading for five great golf tournament fundraiser ideas!

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5 Golf Tournament Ideas To Keep Things Interesting

planning a golf tournament

Are you thinking of hosting a golf tournament for charity, brand awareness, or just for fun?

If so, 2021 is the perfect time to plan your event. Golf’s popularity has soared over the past year, with nearly 25 million active participants in 2020.

There’s more interest in the sport than ever before, but it’s still up to you to plan an exciting and engaging event. Here are five ideas you could incorporate into your upcoming golf tournament.

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The Ultimate Golf Tournament Planning Guide

Are you ready to start planning a golf tournament?

Is this your first time planning a tournament? Or have you been planning for years to varying levels of success? Either way, Stone Creek Golf Club can help you plan the perfect event.

Golf tournaments can be a huge undertaking that require months of planning. This golf tournament planning guide will help you through timing, budgeting, formatting, promotion, and more.

Stone Creek Golf Club can help you plan everything from golf tournaments to weddings and banquets. Read on to learn more about this ultimate golf tournament planning guide.

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8 Great Exercises to Get You In Shape for the Course

Jack Nicklaus was arguably the greatest golfer of all time with 18 Major Championship wins and 73 PGA Tour wins. He was also the oldest to ever win the Masters, snatching his final win at age 46.

Nicklaus had plenty of natural skill and spent thousands of hours out on the golf course perfecting his technique. However, that wasn't all it took for the Golden Bear to become the golfing champ.

If you want to build a legacy like Jack Nicklaus, you're going to need to practice golfing exercises. Improving both your strength and your flexibility will take your golf game to the next level.

Check out our 8 most beneficial golfing exercises you should try before you hit the golf course again!

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