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Great Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

Did you know that golf generates almost $4 billion dollars a year for charitable causes? A golf tournament is a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity. 

Are you thinking about holding a golf tournament for your next charity event? Keep reading for five great golf tournament fundraiser ideas!

1. Offer Packages to Participants

Before you start selling tickets, you'll need a golf tournament venue. Lock that down first before you start the rest of your golf tournament planning.

Most people sell golfers a ticket to participate in a fundraising golf tournament. You should always sell individual tickets to your events but don't stop there.

Create a few different types of packages. You can offer a single ticket for $100 but then offer package discounts for couples, families, and groups. 

Packages lower the per-golfer donation but it incentivizes more people to pay to play. Offer $50 off a four-person package for a deal of $350 for four tickets. 

2. Hold a Putting Contest

In addition to a round of golf, hold a putting contest. Golfers love putting contests and it's a great way to up the ante on your donations. Charge a small fee for the contest.

The best way to come up with a good prize without using fundraising money is to get a corporate sponsor. There are lots of good golf tournament sponsorship ideas.

How about getting a cruise line to sponsor? In return for their name being on all the fundraising materials, they can offer tickets for two on one of their cruises. 

3. Offer a Skills Workshop

This is a great way to lure non-golfers into participating in your fundraising tournament. While the seasoned golfers are on the course, hold a skills workshop for beginning golfers. 

Offer the workshop for a fraction of the cost of the tournament tickets. The food, beverages, and other event games are all open to workshop participants. You'll gain extra fundraising dollars from family and friends who might not otherwise participate.

4. Hold a Silent Auction

If you've got lots of volunteers to help, you can also hold a silent auction during tournament play. Get local businesses to donate the items you put up for auction. 

This is a great way to raise money from friends and family members of tournament participants. It gives spectators something fun to do while they wait for the results of the tournament. 

5. Something for the Kids

Make your fundraising tournament an attractive event for the whole family by offering activities for the kids. Do a kid's mini-golf tournament or set up a bounce house. Offer kid-friendly foods and consider a babysitting area so both parents can play in the golf tournament. 

Raise Money for Your Favorite Charity With These Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

Planning a golf tournament is fun, and there are so many great golf tournament fundraiser ideas! Get creative and let your imagination go wild. From raffles and games to putting contests and workshops, you'll make money with a golf tournament fundraiser. 

Are you looking for the best venue for your next charity golf tournament fundraising event? Contact us at Stone Creek Golf Club and we'll help you get started!