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Ocala Golf Course Tournament Planning Guide

In America, more women have been starting golf than any other sport. It is now estimated that 23% of golfers are women. We're also seeing a massive influx of younger members.

So, a welcoming, fun, and challenging Ocala golf course tournament is ideal for bringing new golfers into social groups. But the question you're probably wondering is where to begin?

Golf tournament planning can seem like a daunting task, but this article will give you a good kick start with plenty of lead-in time. So let's delve straight in and plan your Ocala golf course tournament.

Don't Do It Alone

Our biggest planning advice would be to prepare twelve months in advance. Begin by creating an event board with six to nine committed people. Then, divide the key roles and responsibilities below.

  • Tournament Chair: The main organizer
  • Awards Chair: This person is responsible for the award ceremony, prizes, and planning the fun challenges
  • Marketing Chair: A person to manage social media and promotion 
  • Sponsorship Chair: A B2B professional who will levy warm personal contacts for sponsorship
  • Players Chair: This person must be attentive to the players and manage tee-off times
  • Logistics Chair: They will work closely with the golf course to ensure the smooth running of the tournament 
  • Volunteer Chair: This person will oversee recruitment, orientation, and on-day volunteer activities such as ushering

Sponsorhip and Budget

Organizing and hosting an Ocala golf course tournament can cost around $50,000 for 120 golfers. So, you will need secure split sponsorship packages to suit different business levels.

For example, in the top "Diamond Tier" for $5,000, sponsors could have their branding on banners, promotion, and award photographs. In addition, they can watch from a VIP stand during play and have two free participation slots.

Plan the Play

The main focus of the day is to play golf, so it has to be perfect. You'll need to organize a tournament with a timed tee-off and a set play structure. Alongside the traditional individual stroke play, there are also fun team styles. 

Best Ball

Golfers in groups of four, play their own ball. Then, at the end of the hole, the lowest score played by someone in that team is chosen. This style lets players enjoy the entire game but take advantage of their team members' skills. 


In teams of up to four people, all players tee off. The best drive becomes the starting point for the second shot, and so on. The rounds will become much quicker, and there will be a stronger sense of team spirit.

Alternate Shot

For teams of two, players alternate play each stroke. An alternate shot system pushes golfers to play their best. They have to think about their strengths and weaknesses and their partners. 

Spread the Word

Write a press release for your local newspaper and use social media outlets to promote your event. You can manage online registrations through Eventbrite, Google forms, or Meetup.com.

Plan the Best Ocala Golf Course Tournament

Any quality golf course will be able to handle tournaments, so contact them in advance to discuss your plans. With their expert knowledge and a twelve-month planning schedule, your Ocala golf course tournament will be a success. 

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