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How to Throw a Great Golf Tournament

Golf tournament planning is a huge undertaking, but the rewards can be plentiful. And this year, more people want the chance to get back on the course. A recent survey showed 17 million people who did not play last year are very interested in playing this year.

There is no better format for bringing people together at all playing levels for a day of fun. It all begins with the perfect golf tournament venue and sound event planning.

So if you are in the planning stage and looking for great golf course tournament ideas, keep reading. This guide will give some planning tips to make your golfing event a winner.

Assemble A Group

There are enough elements to putting on a golf tournament that more than one person can handle. So put together a small team of people with the skills needed to get the job done. When developing your team, think about the different aspects of a successful event.

First, you need the recruiters, the people who can attract players to your golfing event. Then, someone will need to promote the tournament to sponsors and donors. Create a business plan and allocate responsibilities to your group members.

Of course, you will have to plan for food and refreshment. So it's best to work with a golf tournament venue that looks after the details for the day of golf. Another key element to event planning is staffing volunteers for each event area.

Planning The Day

With your team coordinators, discuss your goals for the golfing event. Decide what kind of golf format you want to run. For example, a Best Ball or, Scramble gives every level of golfer a chance to shine.

If there will be a meal with speeches and presentations, you might consider using a shotgun start. That way, everyone finishes playing at the same time. This kind of golf tournament planning gives you leeway to have a cocktail hour before dinner.

Other fun activities can also add to the golfing event experience. So when players come off the course, you could have putting contests for prizes. Players might also enjoy taking their photographs with team members as a keepsake.

And make room for sponsors to add their own touch. Some contributors may buy a giveaway event at a hole. Others may want a corporate name attached to the dinner or other portion of the meal.

Different Golf Course Tournament Ideas

Make your golfing event a little different by trying new things. Some extra games during the day will get more donations from players for fundraising. For example, sell 50/50 tickets or promote contests afterward at the dinner table.

Create a theme for the day that involves your golf tournament planning. Invite a celebrity speaker to entertain your guests.

And if you want fresh planning tips proven to work, consult your golf tournament venue staff. The golf tournament planning ideas have already had success for these golf experts.

Plan Early For Big Fun

The best golfing events happen when they are well thought out beforehand. So get your team together and begin the event planning by discussing goals.

Then for great golf course tournament ideas, contact your golf tournament venue today. Tournament experts have the golf tournament planning knowledge to get your event moving.