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5 Golf Tournament Ideas To Keep Things Interesting

planning a golf tournament

Are you thinking of hosting a golf tournament for charity, brand awareness, or just for fun?

If so, 2021 is the perfect time to plan your event. Golf’s popularity has soared over the past year, with nearly 25 million active participants in 2020.

There’s more interest in the sport than ever before, but it’s still up to you to plan an exciting and engaging event. Here are five ideas you could incorporate into your upcoming golf tournament.

1. A Hole-in-One Challenge

You can spin this classic golf tournament challenge in a number of ways. You could pick a par-three and have each player automatically entered for a prize if they sink an ace.

To make things more interesting, find a sponsor and offer a big-ticket item for a hole-in-one. You could give away a new car, an exotic vacation, or a large cash prize (a million dollars is not unheard of).

You can also give players the option to buy extra shots to increase their odds of winning.

2. Spin a Wheel of Fortune

Bring the beloved game show to your tournament — with a golf-themed twist!

Set up a custom “Hole of Fortune” near one of the holes with a variety of different instructions and incentives. Some could be obvious advantages, such as an automatic hole-in-one or starting closer on the longest par five.

Then, just for fun, include a few ridiculous options on the wheel too. For example, the player could have to do a silly dance before teeing off or take their next putt blindfolded.

3. Marathon Golf Tournament

Everyone’s familiar with collecting pledges to run marathons, so why not try the same concept for your event?

Rather than stopping at 18 holes, host your golf tournament over a long weekend to include 100 holes of play. Friends, family, and local businesses will no doubt fork over some cash to see which players make it to the end — and which ones throw in the towel.

4. Marshmallow Challenge

To bring some levity to your event, designate one hole on your course as the “Marshmallow Hole.”

When each player arrives, a volunteer will give them an oversized marshmallow to place on their tee. The player who hits their marshmallow the farthest wins a prize!

5. One Hole of Frisbee Golf

For another unorthodox twist, choose a hole to play frisbee golf and greet each player with a branded frisbee at the tee box.

The idea is the same — keep throwing the frisbee from wherever it lands until you get it to the hole. It retains the feel of the game while adding some originality (and plenty of opportunities for laughs).

Plan a Successful Golf Tournament With These Fun Ideas

So, which of these golf tournament ideas will work best for your upcoming event? 

Pick the best ones and get the word out. Then, when locals Google “golf tournaments near me,” they’ll find your event and be eager to show their support!

Would you like to host your golf event in beautiful Ocala, Florida? Click here to learn more about planning a golf tournament at Stone Creek Golf Club.