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Can I Play Golf in Ocala During COVID19 Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused issues for sports all over the world with almost every major event canceled or postponed. Golf has not escaped unscathed, with courses in many states closed or operating with new restrictions. Limitations that can make it difficult for us to play the game we love in the way we are used to. In many states, stay-at-home orders have called for the closure of non-essential businesses, including golf courses, driving ranges, and other golf-related operations. Florida has so far been fortunate to have its courses remain open including Stone Creek Golf Club. However, the situation is fluid in many states, meaning we can often struggle to know which courses are open and what is permitted in our region.

Course Closures

What we do know is that COVID-19 probably started its path across the planet in the city of Wuhan in China. The city has been reported to be the epicenter of the outbreak in its early days with measures taken to make sure the spread of the virus was limited, including the mandating of masks to be worn by every person. In the U.S., the situation became serious in March and April as the closure of businesses in various states became the norm. The closure of non-essential businesses in areas where stay-at-home orders are in place has caused the closure of most of the golf courses across the nation, but not all. In areas where the Coronavirus has not yet spread in a major way, some states are allowing businesses to stay open to allow life to continue as normal. In areas where golf courses are still open, many courses are taking extra precautions to make sure their members and guests stay safe during the crisis.

Never play when sick

One of the most important things to remember when you are considering continuing to play golf during the Coronavirus pandemic is the extremely contagious nature of the virus. For the majority of people, the decision to stay at home has been an easy one, but getting exercise and filling the time before being allowed to return to work can be tough. In most cases, golf is a great way of staying fit and healthy during this difficult time. The first thing to remember is that any potential sickness in a player or their close family members should be a time to cancel any planned rounds. Almost every important medical professional and golf body have been reporting the need to limit contact if a fever, cough, or other symptoms show.

Changing our behavior

Most of us understand the arrival of COVID-19 has meant a major change in the way we act and interact with each other. When you are waiting for your round, you should limit your contact with others to make sure you are not spreading the virus or becoming infected if others are not aware they are a carrier. The best option is to call or contact Stone Creek GC before you are planning to play to make sure you get the most up-to-date information available. Some courses are limiting the use of carts to one person per vehicle, using your own cart, or removing them from use altogether. Other changes that are taking place include the closure of practice greens and driving ranges to limit the congregation of players in close quarters.

Practice social distancing

One of the big changes that have taken place in our lives is the use of social distancing that has extended to the golf course. The first thing to remember is that a tee box is no longer a place for the traditional handshakes and greetings. Instead, we should all be looking to change the way we interact with a tap of club shafts, bow, or a simple nod the new norm. One of the positive things about golf is the vast open spaces we can all enjoy as we set out on the round. As we are making our way around the course, we should remember to avoid using the equipment in place we may usually enjoy. Avoid raking bunkers, washing balls on the course, or even removing flags when a putt is about to be taken. The latest piece of equipment we should all be using as we set out on the path to staying safe in the 21st-century. For every golfer, the space we have in our bag should be taken up with hand sanitizer that can limit our chances of contracting the coronavirus when we return to the golf course to play the sport we love.