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How to Find the Best Golf Tees to Fit Your Game

Tees often go overlooked as an essential piece of golf equipment. Yet, the best golf tees can take your game to the next level.

If you’re in the market for golf tees, you may easily be overwhelmed with the choices available to you. Since its invention, there have been many variations of the original golf tee.

Here’s a guide to help you find the best golf tees.

Key Factors to Consider When Comparing Golf Tees

There is a myriad of factors to consider when shopping for golf tees. Here are a few you should know about.

1. What Material Should You Go For?

Traditional golf tees were made from either wood or plastic. Over the years, more materials have been used for tee manufacture. Here’s a look at some of the most common tee materials available today.

  • Wood – Traditional tees are made of red cedar wood. They are more common than any other tees and most golfers say wooden tees offer more drive than their plastic counterparts. They are cheaper and are easy to set even in hard ground. However, they break very easily and you should stock up on them when you decide to choose them. They also leave paint marks on your clubs.
  • Plastic – They cost more than wood and although plastic golf tees don't break as easily as the wood. They also bend easily, especially when pushed in hard ground. Most plastic tees come in zero friction features.
  • Bamboo – They are slightly more expensive than wooden tees. Bamboo tees are not painted, thus, your clubs are not affected by them. Golf courses nationwide are going green and so should you. In this regard, bamboo tees are a great alternative to traditional wood or plastic tees. Other environmentally friendly materials like corn derivatives and animal by-products are also used these days to make tees.
  • Rubber – Rubber golf tees aren't as common as other golf tees and they don't break at all. This makes them more durable than any other material.

2. Choose the Appropriate Tee Style

Before settling on a specific style of tee based on other people’s experiences, you could try various styles to see which one suits you fine while still working on your grip. Some of the different styles of tees include:

  • Anti-slice – They have a cup at the back that is meant to support the ball. They are made from plastic. The tee’s design is supposed to prevent your ball from getting a side spin. For those who still have a problem with slicing despite the change of clubs and lesson, the anti-slice tee comes highly recommended.
  • Brush tee – The soft brush bristles on the plastic tee are there to support the ball. They are available in different heights. The design of the tee is to limit resistance and friction between the ball and club upon contact which should lead to longer shots.
  • Wooden tees – They are also available in different heights but the most common one is the two and three quarter inch tee. Although white is mostly available they come in various colors. The wooden tee’s features include a circular cup-like top and a narrow shaft. Long wooden tees are best used with large clubface drivers. They are the most used golf tees.
  • Friction-free tees – As the name suggests, friction-free tees are meant to reduce the friction and give a higher launch angle to your ball. They resemble the wooden tees but instead of the circular cup-like top, they have three to six points that hold the ball and reduce the friction. They are made of plastic.

3. Select the Proper Size Golf Tees

The use of different golf tee sizes basically varies depending on the size of the golf club being used.

Longer tees, the four-inch ones, are best suited for clubs with larger drivers. The two and an eighth inch and two and three quarter inch tees can be used with the hybrid or iron clubs.

However, there are special tees for hybrid clubs. You could get a variety of sizes or at least two different sizes to aid you in your shots. The adjustable tees are also available. They let the golfer adjust the size based on the club they intend to use.

4. Compare Prices

The price depends on what you can afford. You probably do not want to break the bank over tees unless they aid you in your game.

What Are Some of the Best Golf Tees Currently in the Market?

Choosing the best golf tees is essential to getting a good shot on the golf course. Take a look at some of the best golf tees available on the market today.

1. 4 More Yards Golf Tees

As the name suggests, these golf tees are meant to give the user more distance. They have 6 prongs used to hold the ball with limited contact. This results in reduced friction and more accuracy. They are durable and are available in four sizes.

These golf tees are also available in different colors. The downside of using 4 More Yards golf tees is that they are hard to use on hard ground and are very expensive.

2. Pride Professional Tee System

They come in packs of 50 with their sizes marked on them. The Pride golf tees are made from plastic but are very durable.

Features include four prongs that hold up the ball, reducing contact and friction thus increasing the distance and accuracy.

They can be used on hard ground.

3. Martini Golf Tees

This martini-glass shaped golf tee comes in sets of 5. This unbreakable golf tee is easy to insert on the ground and is best suited for golfers who want to achieve a forward tilt at a tight angle.

Some of the cons of this golf tee are that it is relatively expensive and it comes in just one size.

4. Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

They’re not the strongest golf tees available on the market but do last longer than conventional golf tees. These golf tees are environmentally friendly as they're made of bio-composite material.

The three-prong top limits ball contact, thus lowering friction and adding on distance.

Improve Your Golf Ball Striking with the Best Golf Tees

The next time you are out on the golf course, consider improving your shots by switching to the best golf tees on the market. It may not look like much as golf tees are often ignored but it can make a huge difference to your game.

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