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5 Signs You're Good Enough to Go to Q School

There are nearly 30 million amateur golfers in the US. If you count yourself among that rank and think your game is pretty strong, you might have wondered if you could go pro.

That's really the dream, isn't it? Playing professional golf at beautiful courses all over the world, raking in big bucks and meeting other great players.

Before you step out on the links as a pro, you need to survive Q school.

Think you've got what it takes to get into PGA Q school? We've got five signs that you will not only survive but thrive in these grueling courses.

1. You've Got A Good Game

You know you've got to be good to get into Q school. The question is, how good exactly?

Your score should be average of or better than par over 50 games. That includes an entire season of golf and should be competitive with national ranked tournaments.

There are very high standards to get in and for good reason. You'll have to meet them if you want to compete.

2. Your "Tour Skills" Are Top Notch

When you're a pro golfer, you won't always have the luxury of playing on a course you're familiar with in perfect conditions.

If you can keep your game up while playing wet or dry and on unfamiliar courses, you've got good "tour skills".

When you're out on the green, consider how quick you are to handle any upsets that come your way. If you're light on your feet and can manage a good game under difficult conditions, you might be able to get into Q school.

3. You've Got Your Head In The Game

Mental and emotional endurance are a must for PGA Q school. Many people can make it through 18 holes and keep their cool. To be a pro you need to do 72 and still keep it together.

You're going to have more good days than bad when you play golf at this level. The endless hours and different situations are going to take their toll on you.

Not getting angry or depressed and being able to refocus on your game makes all the difference in this situation.

4. Practice Makes Perfect - And You Practice A Lot!

Getting into Q school isn't just for people who play on weekends. You've got to be very serious about working on your game to go pro.

If you're considering Q school golf, you have to be sure you're hitting the links almost like a full time job. You're looking at at least five hours a day, five days a week bare minimum.

5. You've Got The Cash

You're not earning an income while you're working on your game so you have to support yourself. Beyond that, you'll need a lot of cash to pony up to play.

You'll have to support your extensive practice, pay the fees, and don't forget - pay the caddies, too. They can make around $1,200 a week on average.

Ready To Go To Q School?

If you can check off each item on this list, you're ready to take your shot at Q school.

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